10 benefits of indoor games

10 benefits of indoor games

In comparison to outdoor games, we consider Indoor games as inferior when it comes to health benefits. But you know this belief is not the actual truth. Indoor games not only provide cherished family time on Sunday afternoons but they have a lot more to offer.  

In today’s time due to lack of time, lack of open areas and dependence on technology we see quite often kids running around the local street playing hide and seek, hopscotch, cricket etc. Also due to the increase in kidnapping cases and high crime rates, parents have also embraced their kid's stay at home. For all people, it is so important to relax and have some fun. Most people don’t know that they have a plethora of benefits. So let’s dive deep into the benefits of indoor games.

1. Keep the stress away: 

In Today's life stress, laziness and boredom have become inevitable companions and indoor games come as a  saviour for us from these. Indoor games help to stay fit mentally and physically. Involving in activities and spending time playing indoor games helps the kids to be away from stress and anxiety. It is very important for the mental well-being of a person. During playing Indoor games there are lots of laughter and laughing keeps the stress level down and keeps the mood happy. Board games like snakes and ladder, ludo, chess etc are great fun to play with family after a long hour in the office or school. 

2. An opportunity to spend time with family

Our generation is stuck in work and social media, we speak rarely with our family and sometimes we even spend days without talking to them. We sometimes forget that as we are growing our parents are also getting older. Spending your time with family is not important but spending quality time is most important, there is a big difference between the two. Indoor games play a very important role in this, they bring the family closer and also bring moments of laughter and joy. This quality time is a priceless gift for our loved ones. 

3. Develop and nurture your cognitive skills

Cognitive skills play a very important role in our performance as employees and in a better understanding of the world. Due to our busy lifestyles, we get little or no time to brush our skills. But board games like ludo, carom, chess etc which are highly focus-driven help to improve our cognitive skills and improve our brain part which is responsible for thought and memory formation. These board games work better than outdoor sports in developing cognitive skills.

4. Increase your productivity

As said above indoor games helps to develop one cognitive skill at a faster rate. You know that better cognitive skills translate to higher productivity. It is said that there is a direct relationship between work performance and mental state. Many indoor games like chess, loud, carrom, cards, table tennis, etc help to improve our awareness and consciousness. They also keep the brain active and also maintain body coordination and train the mind to work faster and smarter. 

5. Enhances Fitness

Physical fitness is important for our body as they lower the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular, liver illness, obesity, diabetes etc. Indoor games and activities are a very good option to improve physical fitness because these activities incorporate a myriad of body movements. It also helps to get the right posture as well. Expert research shows that people who engage in indoor games and activities develop fast-twitch muscles, which at last improve people's reflexes. 

6. Encourages Creativity

While playing indoor physical activities, many people face different problems and get stuck in different situations, these all help to develop critical skills. For example, meeting with other children improves their imagination. These types of activities teach us how to be expressive and curious. Kids also learn a lot of new things, these things allow kids to explore their creativity in a secure environment. 

7. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Indoor Games like ping pong need a lot of coordination between hands and eyes. Motivating children to play such games helps them to improve their coordination and enhance the development of fine motor skills. Young ones use these motor skills to complete their different tasks every day. 

8. Lowers blood pressure

When we play indoor games there is a lot of laughter which helps in producing endorphins( a chemical for happiness), this chemical helps the muscles and body relax and helps to blood to circulate, these all evidently lower blood pressure.  

9. Brings new experience 

Any new game or action welcomes openness for youngsters to have extraordinary encounters which stay with them all through their life. During indoor proactive tasks, kids obtain new encounters that can't be tracked down in outside play. Whenever they take part in any game they gain some new useful knowledge. A few exercises, for example, pretending and imagining play, assist them with securing different abilities, for example, critical thinking, compromise, and interactive abilities that they can involve to manage different circumstances throughout everyday life.

The encounters kids gain through indoor proactive tasks can make them more positive about their existence and assist them with building solid social connections over the long haul.

10. No Physical Hurt

There is a very low or no chance of physical injury while playing indoor games. It is also safe for kids and for adults. 


Indoor games are very important for everyone and especially for your child. If you think that indoor games are not that you should encourage your child then you should properly read the benefits of indoor games given above and how much they are important for our life. Just find out a safe and secure and weatherproof environment for playing for your kid. Spending Quality time is most important for everyone in today’s time because the only thing matter at the last of the day is how happy you spend your day.  

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