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    Best Baby Night Suit

    When you talk about night dresses for kids, you can go for tops and baby pyjamas, shorts, or a baby night suit. It is believed that for good sleep, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. The factors include lighting, bed, temperature, and what you are wearing while sleeping. While sleeping, wearing a soft fabric like cotton is a very good choice during the summer season.

    Superminis baby night suits are made up of 100% cotton fabric which is best for a baby's skin. Cotton fabric helps to keep the baby cool and comfortable at night so that baby can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

    Sleeping while wearing a soft thermal fabric is a good choice during the winter. Superminis' warm night dress for kids is made up of thermal fabric, giving your baby a warm sleep at night. Thermal fabric keeps your baby warm through the tough, cold night. It also ensures that your baby enjoys an undisturbed sleep with warmness at night.

    Key Features of Superminis Baby night suits

  • Material: It comes in 100% thermal fabric and 100% cotton fabric
  • Style: Shirt- Full sleeves, printed, collared neck; Pyjamas- regular fit, soft elastic, straight fit
  • Usage: A thermal girl and boy night suit are suitable for the winter season and a cotton night dress for kids is suitable for the summer season.
  • Wash care: Machine wash; tumble dry with medium heat
  • Wash care: Machine washable with warm water; tumble dry with medium heat for thermal wear.