Superminis is a kids’ clothing & accessories brand. Our diverse products category ranges from apparel to accessories for kids of 0 to 14 years of age and includes – baby bedding sets, baby hygiene products, kids’ fashion wear, kids’ ethnic wear, kids’ booties, night suits, winter wear, etc. We specialise in newborn essentials and Indian Ethnic Wear for newborns and toddlers, a product category not easily available to customers for children of very small age.

We also work on franchise models described below:

Franchise Models:

1. Franchise Owned, Company Operated:
You will invest in the franchise business of Superminis but the operations will be managed by the Superminis management. You will be given a fixed percentage/share of return coming from the franchise business.

2. Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated:
This is where you invest/own the Superminis’ franchise business and also run the day-to-day operations as directed by the Superminis’ management. This model will be subject to routine/surprise checks and inspections by Superminis. An agreed royalty fee will be given to Superminis as part of the contracted franchise business.

If you are interested in the Superminis’ franchise, you can connect with us via contact details mentioned below to discuss the terms and conditions of the franchise.

Mobile/WhatsApp: +91-9625190276