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    Baby Booties

    The addition of a new little member in a household is a matter of great joy. Babies' parents can go beyond the limits to ensure their babies' safety and happiness. Even when the babies don't even learn to walk, their parents bring baby booties to keep the babies' toes warm and cosy. Plus, newborn baby shoes look darn cute. A lot of shopping is to be done for the baby. As you shop for baby essentials, don't forget to add some pairs of baby booties because they protect baby small feet from the cold. Remember to select baby booties that are made of soft and comfortable fabric. Wearning a soft fabric booties keeps the baby free from discomfort. Superminis have a range of baby girls and boys shoes for 6 to 9-month newborn baby which is specially designed for babies' delicate feet. While buying baby booties, opt for cotton fabric material for more comfort.

    How to choose the best baby booties

    While buying new baby shoes, always try to keep these things in mind:.

  • Fit of booties: Always ensure that your baby has an ample amount of room to move his toes at the tip of the booties. The boots shouldn't be so narrow that they are tight on your baby's feet.
  • Size of booties: The size of the booties always corresponds roughly to the baby's age in months. For example, a size 2 bootie fits a 2-month-old baby.
  • Soft soles of booties: Baby booties come in soft fabric materials like cotton and fleece. It is a good thing for your baby because it gives your baby the ability to move his or her toes.
  • Booties' secure closures: We all know how many socks are on a baby's feet. That is why you all want baby booties with soft fabric and gentle elasticity. gentle elastic and softness for comfort and gentle elasticity to keep in your baby’s feet.
  • Key Features of baby booties:

  • Material: Comes in soft base, dual colour fur
  • Style: dual colour, velcro closure with a wooden button, and anti-slip soft base
  • Usage: Suitable for Winters
  • Wash with care: Hand wash
  • This package contains: 2 pairs of baby booties
  • Dimensions: Foot size: 12 cm