10 Best Children's Magazines In India

10 Best Children's Magazines In India

Trying to provide a good environment for a child's upbringing is not an easy task. It was the golden period when the kids used to listen to the stories from their granny or play outdoor games instead of wasting hours in front of a television show or playing games on mobile phones.

In this modern era of advanced technologies, are you also concerned about the environment in which your child is being raised ?

Of course, it's a matter of great concern for all the parents but you do not need to worry anymore about it as I'm going to share a miraculous panacea for this burning issue.

To begin with, parents are advised to install a small library with a collection of the best magazines for children in their child's bedroom and divert their attention towards it.

Reading magazines by children increases their thinking ability, language skills and provides them a good environment for learning and exploring the world.

So, one of the great options which we've found for you is to get a copy of the children's magazines that's enriched with great articles, stories, puzzles and many other activities. Here, we are sharing 10 best and most reputed magazines for your kids.

List of Best Children's Magazines In India

1. Champak: Champak' is one of the most read magazines by children in India since 1969. This magazine consists of short stories, jokes, brain teasers, science and craft activities, etc.,. This magazine is mostly known for its stories in animal characters which teaches moral lessons to children. 

This magazine comes with a Jogo disk(CD) which is free of cost and contains various activities, games and interactive graphics. It also organises certain contests with amazing prizes.

Age group :- 4 years and above.

2. Magic Pot: 

'Magic Pot' is one of the best weekly magazines for children. It focuses on improving the vocabulary, imaginative power and reading and writing skills of kids. It comprises certain activities like colouring, joining the dots, etc.,. The stories in this magazine are simple and easy to understand. 

Age group :- Primary School Kids 

3. The Children's Magazine

The Children's Magazine' contains stories with pictures to make its content more interesting. It also has informative articles and certain activities which makes the child think logically.

It was the first magazine for children which was published in the US.

Age group :- 4 years to 9 years 

4.Sanctuary Cub

This children's magazine comprises information in respect to wildlife which is defined with the help of images. Kids enjoy gaining knowledge on wildlife and nature.

It helps the child to establish a connection with nature. It also contains certain activities and games for the entertainment of the child.

Age group :- 5 years and above

5. Tell Me Why

This magazine contains information on various subject matters which is helpful in the academic career of the child.

A single edition of this magazine contains different educational information on a particular topic.

Age group :- 7 years and above

6. National Geographic Kids

This monthly magazine is enriched with amazing facts on nature, animals, and wildlife. The pictures in this magazine are loved by the kids. It also contains puzzles and other activities with beautiful pictures of the wildlife. 

 Age group :- 6 years to 14 years

7. Highlights Genies

This magazine is perfect for the newbies who have just learned to read. This magazine contains pictures and short stories with large fonts. 

It also includes activities like puzzles or crafts for engaging the child in healthy activities for entertainment which will also increase their reasoning ability.

Age group :- 2 years to 6 years

8. Tinkle

It is one of the best children's comic magazines which has adorable cartoon characters. It also contains craft activities, scientific facts and general knowledge. It organises quiz and art contests with exciting prizes. 

Age group :- 5 years and above

9. Oyla

This magazine is loaded with concepts of STEM I.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which explains the difficult subjects in easy terms which develops an interest in students to acquire more knowledge in these subjects. 

It contains engaging articles and graphics  which makes learning interesting and kids enjoy learning the complex concepts.

Age group :- 8 years and above

10. Children's Digest

It is one of the best children's magazines in India with educational information, jokes, short stories, amazing facts, wordplay puzzles, and many other activities.   

It also organises interesting competitions for kids.  This monthly magazine contains a lot of useful information in English which strengthens the general knowledge of the kids.

Age group :- 8 years to 12 years

Conclusion : 

These magazines have been famous for decades and encourage children to read. Reading magazines will not only make your child intelligent but also act as a shield and protect them from the harmful effects of using advanced gadgets like video games, smart phones or television as a means of entertainment.

Now, it's the best time for you to subscribe to these best children's magazines in India and bring a positive change in the lives of your children.


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