Best 20 cheap return gift ideas

Best 20 cheap return gift ideas

Nov 15, 2022


Super Minis

Parties are what kids enjoy a lot and are very excited about it. For parents, it is a little bit of a difficult task as they have to plan everything starting from the invitation, decoration, flavour of cake and return gifts. It takes months to organise and prepare the ultimate party experience for your kids and his/her gang. Choosing an inexpensive return gift for your cute little guest is also important as the best return gift is integral to an awesome birthday party. It’s not important to give an expensive return gift, it can be small and something meaningful that they will love. It is a bit time-wasting to think of what to give to your child's friends and whether they will love it or not. To make your work easy and give you a little relaxation we have given below the best 20 cheap return gift ideas. 

  • Sanganeri Prints on Gota-Patti Wali Girls Salwar and Peplum Kurti
  • This wonderful and exquisite salwar kameez is best for little girls between the age of a year and a half and 8 years. Superminis have made this salwar kameez with the best quality cotton fabric which is comfortable to wear. This Kurti comes with gotta Patti and vibrant colours made up of the best quality cambric cotton fabric. This set comes with a Sanganeri print Kurti, a contrast colour salwar and with super soft elastic for comfort. The girl will look gorgeous in this amazing salwar kameez. It can also be used for all festivals like Diwali, Janmashtami, rakhi etc. It is one of the best cheap return gift ideas. 

  • Pencil Box -
  • A pencil box as a return gift is a good option for little ones as they are useful, gender-neutral and expensive in terms of quality, shape and design. You can pick either a metal or plastic pencil box and their eco-accommodating other options, similar to material or jute pencil pockets. The cost range is likewise expansive to fit each financial plan.

  • Eco-friendly stationery set
  • Stationery can be used as an individual return gift for children above the age of four. You have two choices: either you can give regular stationery sets or eco-friendly stationery sets made from sustainably sourced wood. Eco-friendly stationery is suitable for school-going children as they are safe(lead-free) but it can be high priced.

  • Lunch box
  • Useful items are the best gift to give to someone, the lunch box is a daily used item by kids. 

    Fancy-type lunch boxes are suitable for children of all ages and they are also gender-neutral. You can choose from a wide array of options based on their design, shape, pattern (two or more inner sections), and material type (plastic or metal).

  • Colouring book
  • A colouring book is a perfect gift idea for cute little children because it boosts creativity and joneses fine motor skills. Age-specific colouring patterns books are best for little ones, you can choose an animal or illustration colouring book. You can also add colours and glitters with the colouring book. 

  • Clay modelling kit
  • Clay modelling kits are the best return gift for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 as they are an excellent educational and recreational gift choice for children. Depending upon the brand, quality, modelling and accessories price range can vary. Also remember to choose kits which are washable, safe and made up of non-toxic clay. 

  • Paramparagat - Boys Side Open Kurta Pyjama
  • Paramparagat boy's side open kurta pyjama is a wonderful gift for boys between the age of 6 months to 9 years. The boy kid will look cute and handsome after wearing this kurta pyjama. It is also budget-friendly and of high quality. Superminis have made this set with soft and comfortable good quality cotton fabric. The kurta has a Mandarin collar, graceful button placement on the front of the kurta and an asymmetric hemline making it look more elegant. This set comprises a full-sleeve kurta and a white colour pyjama with an elastic waistband displaying a graceful ethnic look. It can also be used in any festival like Diwali, Janmashtami, Rakhi, etc. You can pair it with a mojari or a juti. 

  • Piggy bank
  • From a small age, kids should be taught about the importance of saving money and a piggy bank is best for that. You can choose any colour and shape like a rocket, turtle or pig. Depending on your budget and the age of the kids you can choose the quality of the piggy bank like an unbreakable metal piggy bank is good for younger ones and plastic, glass, or ceramic is good for little ones. 

  • Alphabet and number magnets
  • A valuable gift is always better than an expensive gift, these alphabet and number magnet gifts will provide value to children by teaching letters and numbers in a fun way.  It is suitable for kids who are above the age of 3 years. Remember to use  Alphabet and number magnets which are easy to clean, non-toxic, and durable. Also, give large-sized magnets because it is safe for children.

  • Water bottle
  • A day-to-day use product is worth gifting. Therefore, a water bottle is best for gifting. A water bottle is also easy to maintain and ideal for school children or sports takeaway. Remember to choose a water bottle which is made with 100% food-grade plastic. You can choose a pastel colour because they are suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • A jigsaw puzzle is a return gift which will help the kid in his mental development as it improves spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination. Remember to choose an age-appropriate puzzle to ensure proper learning and effective learning. You can also gift famous cartoon puzzles. 

  •  Stuffed toy
  • When it comes to a return gift how can you forget a stuffed toy? A stuffed toy is loved by all children irrespective of their age. They are available in different sizes and forms like animals, birds, cartoon characters etc. Choose a stuffed toy which is age-appropriate, easy to maintain and colourful.  Remember not to select stuffed toys that have small pieces or parts like eyes, noses and buttons. 

  •  Kaleidoscope
  • Selecting a kaleidoscope as a return gift is a classic choice because it is amusing and gender-neutral. It is also a fun way to learn different shapes and colours. Children find it a delightful medium to entertain themselves. It is good for children above the age of four.

  • Toy car
  • Toy cars are the best return gift for children above the age of three years. It is a thrilling and exciting gift, especially for boys. It is also easily available, affordable and has a wide range of sizes and styles. You can choose some brands like Hot Wheels, Minichamps etc. They also have a wide assortment of toy cars in a single pack.

  •  Snow globe
  • Children find a  snow globe delightful and charming. You can choose a snow globe depending on your budget as they are available in different patterns and several sizes and can be personalised. Suitable for all children above the age of three years. 

  • Rubik’s cube
  • Rubik's cube is a very famous product which is used by children above 5 years of age and who likes problem-solving games. It also helps to boost cognitive abilities, spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination.  You can choose Rubik's cube depending upon your budget as they are available in small or large sizes and low or high quality. 

  •  Alarm clock
  • An alarm clock is a great return gift because it teaches children the value of time. The alarm clock is available in various designs, designs, colours and features, like music or a famous cartoon voice.  You can choose anyone depending on your budget.

  •  Fidget Spinner:
  • The Fidget Spinner is the most popular product among children, it is also the hot-selling product in the kid’s toys list. It is available in different designs and colours, you can choose any one depending on your budget.

  •  Small book-shaped eraser set of 3 for kids
  • A small book-shaped eraser set of 3 is such a cute gift for kids, they will love it. It is also a day-to-day use product that he or she can use while studying. It is also available in different colours. 

  •  Pin badges
  • Pin badges are available in different shapes and sizes and are economical. It is a perfect product to have fun with and also best suited for children of schools who want to decorate their belongings like school bags etc

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