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    Baby head pillow

    Baby pillows are very important for babies, but only when they are of the right kind. Fluffy baby head pillows provide the support that will help your baby have a comfortable sleep. Head pillows of the wrong shape and height can cause neck pain. Hence, it is important to choose the right baby pillow that keeps your baby's delicate frame and bone structure in place. Supermini's range of baby head pillows is comfortable and safe.

    Benefits of the baby head pillow

    Baby pillows can be beneficial for your babies, as they can help in more than one way. Newborn baby pillows, like u-shaped baby pillows, can give support to your baby's neck. These pillows can improve a baby's sleeping posture and reduce neck pain. Baby neck pillows allow for easy digestion and breathing. With all these small points, your baby can enjoy a comfortable sleep. Your investment in the baby head pillow can create perfect surroundings for your baby. Remember to select a baby head pillow made of soft fabric, such as cotton. Make sure it is also machine washable and lightweight. Our baby head pillow offers all these features that are important for your baby's neck and sleep.

    Varieties of baby head pillows

    Baby head pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A pillow that is filled with mustard seeds helps to shape your baby's head. It prevents flat-head syndrome and nighttime sweating. U-shaped baby pillows are very comfortable and give support to the baby's neck. These baby head pillows also help your baby feel secure and snug while they are sleeping. You can opt for Superminis baby head pillows that are super comfy for your baby's head. It offers your babies enjoyable and undisturbed sleep.

    Key features of the Superminis Baby Head Pillows

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Embellished, dot-printed, frill head pillow
  • Usage: This pillow with a lotan set can be used inside the crib or placed on the bed. It is perfect for travelling and can be used anywhere and everywhere
  • Wash care: The pillowcase is suitable for hand washing
  • The package contains 1 baby head pillow with 2 bolsters or side pillows