Pandemic Baby and New Mom: A Roller Coaster Ride

Pandemic Baby and New Mom: A Roller Coaster Ride

When it is about your little one (LO) you want everything and every situation to be perfect. And if you are a first timer then you get even more anxious and careful about the smallest of things for the arrival of the new little feet in your life. It was the same situation for me in 2020….oh what did I say 2020?? Yes, it was 2020 when suddenly the world came to a standstill after the Covid-19 pandemic struck all of us. We had just couple of months left to welcome our LO and everything around was completely shut down, no access to any shops, showrooms, malls. This left us in nothing but all jitters. In few weeks the online marketplaces were permitted to start their operations but I was never an online shopping person and buying something for my LO without the touch and feel of it was all the more uncomfortable.

As rightly said, Beggars Are Not Choosers, we had no option but to rely on getting our LO’s wardrobe ready only through online channels. Buying toiletries, diapers, skin care products was easy because we bought branded products through their company websites. But when it came to clothing, baby accessories, inner wears, etc. it was like to find a needle from a stack of hay. There are hundreds of vendors on multiple platforms selling all such products. Given the months of scorching summer and delicate skin of babies, my basic requirement was to have clothes that are soft, comfortable and made from cotton only, with no synthetic materials. I ordered from couple of brands - bright colours, great designs but somehow most of them had an element of synthetic material in them.

One evening I was sharing my experience and dilemma with a neighbour while chit chatting from our balconies, the only human figures you were able to see and talk face to face that time. She mentioned about a brand named Superminis whose products she was using for her LO. I ordered few vests and a night wear to try initially and I am still ordering the inner wear for my LO who is 1.5 years now! I even wait for the new prints of their night wear for the softness and brightness they bring. Not just this particular brand, but pandemic made me order and try so many other small Indian brands which I otherwise would have never tried or even know of them.

That year of 2020 was a shocking year for all but for me it was a year of new beginnings, new smiles and new learnings that surely came as a roller coaster! Well being a mom - pandemic or no pandemic - first timer or second - is always a roller coaster ride !

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